The difference between the types of fish powder is actually the difference in their chemical composition, which is directly related to the type of fish consumed by the production unit.

The chemical composition of the fish body is different from one species to another. This difference can be observed even among fish of the same species, the main reasons of which are differences in age, sex, environmental conditions and season.

But the most important factor in the difference in the chemical composition of fish is related to the food received or the feeding of the fish. When the fish has enough access to food, the muscle protein first shows a relative increase, and then the fat begins to increase rapidly. And on the contrary, during the periods when the fish is facing a shortage of food, such as the period of migration or spawning, while the reserves are reduced, changes in the chemical composition of the muscles gradually occur.

For example, the amount of protein in the muscles of a healthy fish is about 16 to 20%, which decreases to about 15% when there is no access to food for a long time or at the end of spawning, and it is certain that these changes have an effect on the composition of the produced fish meal. And as a result, various types of fish powder will be produced in terms of chemical analysis.

Another factor of difference in the production of different types of fish meal is the methods used by the production unit for production.

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