About Part Sirang

Partsirang Company was registered in Tehran Companies Registration Office (registration number 244995) with the motive of producing high-quality and healthy fish meal from various fish sources in 2004 with a staff of animal husbandry and veterinary specialists. The location of this production unit is by the sea of Oman and in Kanarak industrial town.

Part Sirang Company is one of the pioneers in the production of fish meal and its inclusion in the diet of dairy cows, and its products that can be supplied to the market include different types of fish meal for use in livestock, poultry and aquatic feed

In Partsirang company, in order to produce fish meal, depending on the type of raw material and source of input, separate halls and separate lines are considered. In 2017, with the aim of increasing the productivity and improving the quality of the fish meal produced by the company, another production line equipped with the latest equipment was designed and launched.

After processing the raw materials, Partsirang company produces and presents different types of products depending on the availability of raw materials and the season, and each of them has different and unique analysis.

At present, Partsirang company, relying on its technical knowledge and precious experience, is at the forefront of the production of fish meal in Iran, and with the variety of its products, it is providing services to a wide range of livestock, poultry and aquatic industry operators.

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