Specialized knowledge in production

Production based on the latest knowledge and technology in the world

Scientific and practical knowledge of the product

The manufactured product is in full compliance with market needs and consumption framework

At the forefront of fish powder production in Iran

One of the first specialized fish powder producers in the country

Fish meal and Partsirang company

Fish meal is a brown flour that is obtained from specific types of fresh, healthy, whole fish or their scraps during the cooking, pressing, drying and grinding stages.

The history of using fish meal in different regions of the world reaches thousands of years, so that in Scandinavian countries, they used fish meal as livestock and poultry food without knowing its nutritional value. The industry of fish powder and oil production was established in the early 19th century in Northern Europe and North America, which focused and produced more on fish oil for industrial purposes. Further, with the provision of suitable substrates for drying, the possibility of preparing and producing fish powder was also provided.

Due to its high nutritional value, fish meal is widely used in the livestock, poultry and aquatic industries as a protein source that is rich in essential amino acids. Many companies, both inside and outside the country, have produced this product.

Partsirang company with a history of 20 years in the production of fish meal is one of the pioneers in the production of this product in the country, which has been able to present itself as one of the best producers of fish meal in Chabahar region and the country by relying on the technical knowledge and modern science of the world. So that today, in addition to supplying the domestic market, the products of this company are also exported to 10 foreign countries.


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Production tonnage per week
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Monthly production tonnage
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Number of export countries
Active personnel of the factory

Nutritional value of fish meal

Physicochemical properties of high-quality fish meal

Properties and applications of fish meal

livestock industry

Improve reproductive performance

improve digestibility

Improvement of growth

Aquatic industry

Increasing the immune
Improvement of growth

Improvement of Feed conversion Ratio

poultry industry

Improvement of Feed conversion Ratio

Increasing the immune
Improved performance and growth

Analysis table of fish meal